Award-Winning App


Newpy was awarded the National Grand Prize in the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation Breakthru 2017 Start-Up Competition, which included an investment and in-kind services totalling over $300,000.  


Newpy founders Alana and Erin O'Halloran (centered left and right) pictured with NBIF President & CEO Calvin Milbury and VP Chair Cathy Simpson.


Meet Erin


Erin has always been an entrepreneur. During her studies as an accounting student at the University of Prince Edward Island (BBA '17), she took it upon herself to write down at least one business idea daily. One of these ideas would become Newpy.

Newpy was created to address a re-occuring problem Erin experienced whenever she ordered a gift online. Often she found herself waiting days and sometimes weeks for the person to receive their gift in the mail to find out their reaction. She knew something was missing in the way we currently give gifts. She wanted to create a way to deliver a gift instantly and anytime. 

To get in touch with Erin or for business inquiries, contact her at:



Meet Alana

Creative Director/Co-Founder

Alana is passionate about designing things for the end user, which led her to pursue two degrees in architecture (B.Sc.(Arch. '14, M.Arch. '15) at McGill University. Prior to winning the National Prize in the 2017 NBIF Breakthru Competition alongside her sister, Alana had won three national competitions for her visual artwork.

Alana brings her education and work experience as an intern architect towards creating Newpy's visual experience.