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Newpy was awarded the National Grand Prize in the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation Breakthru 2017 Start-Up Competition, which included an investment and in-kind services totalling over $300,000.  

Left to Right: NBIF VP Chair Cathy Simpson, Newpy co-founders Alana and Erin O'Halloran & NBIF CEO Calvin Milbury.


A Letter from the Founder

In the summer of 2016, I started working on an app idea. This app would make the best part of gifting possible from anywhere; that is, seeing people’s gift-opening reactions. 

I named this idea Newpy, which stood for "new present."

That summer, I recruited my sister Alana to join the team. Having recently completed her masters degree in architecture from McGill University, I knew Alana would be a perfect fit to tackle the digital design of Newpy.

Fortunately, Alana instantly loved the idea, and away we went. During that summer, a MVP was created and we began applying for funding.

In the fall, I returned to the University of Prince Edward Island, for my final year of Business Administration with a specialization in accounting.

Throughout the academic year, my sister and I competed in the NBIF Breakthru competition during September 2016 until March 2017. After many long hours, presentations, bootcamps, and endless nerves (of steel!), we won first place in the national category.

Winning Breakthru has brought me one step closer to my dream of realizing Newpy, and has enabled me to work full-time on Newpy after graduating from university.

After we won the competition, our other sister Leah, began working on Newpy in her spare time as well on top of being a full-time student.

Our beta is now available and is being used by selected candidates to validate our concept. Please stay tuned as this is just the beginning.


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Erin O'Halloran

CEO & Co-Founder, Newpy


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